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Monit is an award-winning cash flow analysis, forecasting and guidance platform that banks provide to their business customers. So both can work smarter and power the success of the other.

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We integrate with banking platforms for a comprehensive digital experience

As a bank, catalyze your business banking offering by partnering with Monit through our seamless integrations with major banking platforms including Q2, Apiture, Banno, and Narmi.

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Over 80% of customers view their business banker more as a salesperson than a guide. At the same time, bankers lack the views of their customers' finances they need to advise (and sell) most effectively. We unlock the data and value each party wants.

Monit for Financial Institutions

Using a customer's general ledger data, we help banks better understand a customer's current and projected financial health. We enable the bank to anticipate needs, alert them when there's an opportunity to bring value, and make it easier to engage, guide and sell.

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It enables us to deepen relationships with our customers, and we see Monit as a real differentiator for us in the market.

Ashley Nagle Eknaian
Chief Digital Officer
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SMBs are woefully underserved by the large national banks, which gives regional banks like Valley an opportunity to step into the gap using modernization and innovation like Monit.

Stuart Cook
Chief Digital Product Officer
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Our business clients value our ability to provide them with financial tools and advice.

Mike Hammontree
Executive Vice President, Director of Corporate Services
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We are a big fan of Monit! We are thrilled to offer our customers this value-added solution that is easy to implement and immediately provides our customers with information about their business activities in one robust platform.

Patricia Ferrick
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From our SMB users:

I can quickly tell Monit about things I might want to do or events that might happen in the future. It then shows me, in real-time, the financial impact to my business in the short and long-term.

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It is an amazing tool

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Tim Pipp

I'm not a numbers person ... but I love these insights.

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A. Y.

Monit for SMBs

Monit quickly links to a business's accounting software and gives the leaders of that business clear views of current and predicted cashflow, revenue, and profitability alongside timely, personalized financial insights and easy-to-use event modeling tools.

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The Rise of SMB Tools: Why Big Banks Are Embracing Small Business

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Business Banking as a Strategic Imperative for Banks

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Deposits: A Clear and Present Danger

Economic, regulatory, and competitive factors are making it even more challenging for banks to cost-effectively gather deposits as evidenced by the most recent earnings reports. As bank leaders refocus energies on deposit gathering, they need to move urgently to win and defend some of the most valuable sources of deposits: Small and Medium-Sized businesses. Monit offers bankers the insights they need to win and retain this valuable source of low-cost and sticky deposits.

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Monit Teams with JAM FINTOP Banktech to Integrate Its Mobile Financial Platform into the Business Technology Offerings of More than Sixty-Six Community Banks

A new, exclusive agreement positions Monit at the epicenter of the community banking ecosystem.

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