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See how financial institutions get started using Monit to advance digital transformation, supercharge SMB portfolio management, and deliver outstanding customer experiences.

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FIs distribute Monit to SMB customers

Monit's white-label SMB-facing web app featuring award-winning cashflow analytics and personalized insights is designed to be easily embedded within existing online services.

SMBs securely link and sync accounting data

To continuously deliver personalized insights and cashflow forecasts, business owners securely connect their accounting package to Monit during a quick, one-time setup process.

Monit goes to work

Monit's persistent connection to general ledger data powers our SMB Insights product and our FI-facing tools, offering broader and deeper views of SMB financials for client service and portfolio management.

Drive ROI and successful outcomes

Monit facilitates engagement between SMBs and FIs with targeted, tailored product offers. FIs also benefit from a library of insights to support deeper client relationships.

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Our flexible partnership options can support a quick, bank-branded deployment or a fully embedded bank digital experience. Please reach out to discuss the best approach for your bank.

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