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Monit provides your entire business banking team with deep, timely customer intelligence - enabling you to serve better, grow higher-value relationships, and more effectively prospect.

Share of Wallet

A full picture of your clients

With persistent access to client general ledger data, Monit provides financial institutions with unprecedented access to actionable intelligence for growing share-of-wallet.

Identify accounts from competing FIs
Determine health of client A/R
Reveal wallet share penetration by product
The monit advantage

A growing library of actionable insights

Monit's Insights Engine generates guidance, advisories, and recommendations to benefit internal teams and SMB clients alike from general ledger data.

Take a peek at just a few of the dozens of business signals that Monit can identify.

  • Share of wallet breakdowns and trends
  • New loan obligation at another institution
  • Cash-on-hand trends (including from other institutions)
  • Cashflow forecast expected to drop
  • Depreciation schedule suggests timing of new equipment purchase
  • Share of wallet breakdowns and trends
  • Excessive amount of cash on hand relative to expenses
  • Best month ever for revenue or profit
  • Business pays excessive fees for another institution, for payments, or money movement
  • Accounts receivable turnaround trends
  • Business does not appear to have appropriate coverage for industry
  • No retirement accounts identified
  • Excessive cash-on-hand relative to expenses
The monit advantage

Your way, all the way

Deploy Monit to internal teams and customers on your terms.

Data wherever your team needs it

Monit's reporting and relationship management features can be integrated into the systems your team already knows and trusts.

Targeted in-app promotions and campaigns

Work with our specialists or manage your own targeted promotions to amplify marketing efforts and drive behavioral actions.

Theming, branding, and customization

Monit's digital products can be themed and renamed to match your unique brand for a seamless end-user experience.


Turnkey SMB Insights App

Integrate Monit's turnkey SMB Insights product and offer personalized guidance and powerful planning tools within your digital banking platform or as a standalone offering.

No app to download, works in any web browser on any device
Cashflow forecasting
Scenario planning
Industry benchmarking
Integrations available!

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